Hope Blakely CRI, CRFI

I started painting in 2012 with Bob Ross on my television screen. Painting was just a part time hobby, with great relaxing benefits. In 2017 I decided to go to Florida and get my certificate to be able to teach. So for 3 weeks I got to paint with others that had the same enthusiasm I did for the style of painting. After taking classes I came home with my certificates and a lot more knowledge about the style of painting.

In 2019 I had the privilege to paint with Steve Ross, Bob's Son, and Dana Jester, Bob's Long time friend. It was a wonderful experience and the added ways to make things go on to the canvas in easier ways was thrilling. I have dates on the calendar now for you to paint with Steve and Dana in May 2020! Check them out and see if there is any room left!

Jump to 2021, I have learned a lot being a friend of Steve Ross and Dana Jester, I do still paint as a CRI. Because as Steve says, it's ok. Please if you can not get to a Steve and Dana class find a CRI that is able to help you locally. Bob just wanted us to paint, and enjoy all that comes with it.


I greatly enjoy teaching others this Bob Ross style. I hope to see you in class sometime.