Hope Blakely CRI, CRFI

I started painting in 2012 with Bob Ross on my television screen. Painting was just a part time hobby, with great relaxing benefits. In 2017 I decided to go to Florida and get my certificate to be able to teach. So for 3 weeks I got to paint with others that had the same enthusiasm I did for the style of painting. After taking classes I came home with my certificates and a lot more knowledge about the style of painting. After teaching several classes in 2018 I made the big jump into floral painting. Floral painting is still done with the Bob Ross style, even though we did not see him paint florals on television. I liked doing florals to my amazement, this was something that I started off doing more for being able to go back to Florida and enjoy the time in class then it was excitement of doing flowers. I have plans for next year to possibly go down and take the wildlife classes as well, timing may not permit this and it could be 2020 before I get there.


I greatly enjoy teaching others this Bob Ross style. I hope to see you in class sometime.

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