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Hope Blakely Art Bio

I started painting in 2012 with Bob Ross on my television screen. Painting was just a part time hobby, with great relaxing benefits.


In 2017 I decided to go to Florida where they teach teachers and to be able to make paintings that I could be happy with. So for 3 weeks I got to paint with others that had the same enthusiasm I did for the style of painting. After taking classes I came home with my certificates and a lot more knowledge about the style of painting. Little did I now where I would be with this love of painting just a few years later.

In 2019 I had the privilege to paint with Steve Ross, Bob's Son, and Dana Jester, Bob's Long time friend. It was a wonderful experience and the adding ways to make things go on to the canvas in easier ways was thrilling. 

I have had several chances to paint with both Dana and Steve. I do still paint as a CRI. Yes, Steve said, it's ok. Please if you can not get to a Steve and Dana class find a CRI that is able to help you locally. Bob just wanted us to paint, and enjoy all that comes with it.

Since 2020 I have tried to get to as many different classes as I could. Animals, Florals, mix-ed Media and more!

Classes being taught by Jd Wayne, Bram Bevins, Gini Deaton, Kevin Hill, David Brancato and more to soon be added to the list! 

I greatly enjoy teaching others the many things you can do with oils - If I can do this - So Can You. I hope to see you in class sometime.

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