Group Classes
      If you are having trouble finding a class that fits your schedule, give me a call and we can set a class that does. Cost is $65 per person, but you must be willing to allow others to attend your picked date or it will be considered a private class at the private cost. If no one else joins your date, you will still only pay the $65 per person.

Private Lessons 
     Lessons are $85 for up to 4 hours a session -person must be 18 years or older to come alone, younger students welcome with an adult present during entire session. Every session will complete a painting. Student may pick canvas size and painting. All materials are included to complete the painting. Most times n
o prep work will be done to canvas prior to event - so all of the painting is done completely by the student. These classes are done in my studio. 

Small Business support 
      Classes are individually priced by the Business. I receive $60 per student with a minimum charge of 6 students per class. Class can start as early as 9 am and as late as 6 pm. If you would like to add a lunch, snack, drinks etc. We can add to the price and promote it with the add-ons. I will sell tickets on my end as well as you may take signup's in your business. You will need to make sure to collect names, Phone numbers and payment. I will provide all posters, and marketing materials - with a few limits. Please be aware that I do not mind setting up classes in businesses that provide alcohol - but I will limit students to three alcoholic beverages during the class period.

**Also if your in a area I have not yet been to - I will check to see if you have a closer CRI and ask if they would like/can do the class before agreeing to take the class.**